Cat Has Worms
Cat worms
   Cat Has Worms | Internal Parasites

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What to do when your cat has worms

If you're a cat owner, then chances are there have been moments when you've felt like something is wrong with him but you can't pinpoint the exact thing. He is just sluggish, well, he has always been sluggish (some cats are naturally lethargic), but there's something else. One possible reason (there will probably be other reasons), is cat worms. It is a situation where your cat is infected with either one or a combination of several types of worms. These maggots affix themselves in your cat's intestine walls or stomach lining and eat your cat's food leaving him listless and devoid of nutrients.

How did this happen? A lot of kittens have them when they're born so all you need to do is have them de-wormed by your veterinarian as he sees fit. The treatment normally means a vaccination routine of once a month for the first six months of your kitten's life. Note however, that this does not eliminate the possibility that the worms have already laid eggs and these eggs may not necessarily be eliminated with the vaccinations. So, always make sure that in the course of your regular vet visits, your vet checks for worms too.

If your cat is a little older and even if you've gone through the de-worming process with your vet when he was a kitten, you might still have cat worm problems. It is important, therefore, that you are informed. There are several types of worms that cause different kinds of symptoms in a cat.
Roundworms are common in kittens while tapeworms are more common in adult cats. Roundworms are ingested by kittens through the mother's milk or via contaminated soil. These kittens will normally have large bellies (unusually large) and if you check their stools or if they vomit, you might find worms that look like spaghetti (milky white or tan in color and about two to four inches long). Chronic diarrhea in adults is another symptom of roundworms.
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